Last call to Czech Out

With the Czech Out Party our destination for that evening, we set off from Germany with a lot of ground to cover. We stayed on the back roads and enjoyed the German countryside, though the little 1 litre Micra wasn’t too keen on the valleys and hills (the uphill parts at least).

James poses at the Czech Out Party
James poses at the Czech Out Party

On the way I experimented with ways to get a steady shot from the Sony action camera I was recording on. Both the homemade steadycam mount and the technique of holding the camera against your face to steady it were somewhat successful. The only disadvantage to the latter being the imprint of a camera that you get on the side of your face after a while!

Our route finding was somewhat blocked by German roadworks, which sent us on a the scenic route to the Czech border. This lead to an equally scenic drive through the Czech countryside. Alas the mirror-flat tarmac of Germany had now given way to a more pot-holed variety, though nothing compared to what the rest of the trip had in store for us.

The drive was largely uneventful and we arrived at Klenova Castle late afternoon for the Czech Out Party, a large gathering of the teams before everyone split off to go their separate ways to Mongolia. That night much beer was drunk, plots were hatched to sabotage any team with working aircon, and the next morning the exhaust was patched up to try and quieten down the joint that the German garage had made. While it was mechanically functional, it was about as airtight as a sieve.

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