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There are many people out there who have in the past, or are currently living out their adventure, and each one of them has different motivations and a different story to tell. These are just a few of the people that have got me excited for another adventure when I read, watched or listened to their stories… More to come at a later date

Sailing La Vagabonde –
Elayna and Riley are a couple of from Australia are currently sailing the world in their yacht La Vagabonde. Elayna started making short videos of their travels and soon this grew into a Youtube channel. Their exotic stories of mooring in far off places on idyllic Caribbean islands will have you searching out the best deals on yachts yourself. I get somewhat seasick and even I was looking at how much it would cost to drop everything and set sail to shores unknown.

The Adventurists –
In 2014, myself and an old school friend drone a Nissan Micra to Mongolia on the Mongol Rally (I am retrospectively blogging the journey on this site and have made a video highlights reel of the trip. The Mongol Rally is one of the Adventurists’ first crazy adventures in their bid to, in their words, make the world less boring. Others include driving tuk-tuks through India or sailing little fishing boats up the cost of Africa.

Lea Rieck –
This is the website of Lea Rieck, who has recently completed a round the world trip on her Triumph Tiger 800XC. She also chronicles her round-the-world trip here Ever since watching the Long Way Round, the idea of travelling by motorbike has appealed to me. In a comfy air-conditioned 4×4 it’s very easy to watch the world pass by the window. However on a motorbike (or in a Nissan Micra to a certain extent), you feel a heightened level or connection to the sights, sounds and people of the country you’re travelling through.

DevinSuperTramp –
Devin isn’t out adventuring in the same kind of way as the above links, however he makes completely awesome videos of people doing amazing things in really cool places. Everything from a 600ft rope swing to Assasin’s Creed parkour. If you’ve never come across his videos before, you might want to write off a few hours. His behind-the-scenes videos are also well worth watching and often every bit as engaging as the finished product.





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