Soaring up the Transfăgărășan Highway

Having topped up on beer the night before, and spent the night in a comfy hotel, we set off the next morning for the Transfăgărășan Highway. You may know it as the road that Top Gear crowned as the “Best Driving Road in the World”. It winds up over the mountains, full of more switchbacks than you can shake a stick at, and absolutely amazing views.

Given its fame, we weren’t the only team to include it in our route, and winding up the hairpin bends, you couldn’t help but run into other rally teams. Most of the time they had stopped of their own accord, but at least one team’s steed had decided that the mountain roads were quite enough and didn’t want to continue. Some teams even got to the top, before coming back down the way they came up just to do it all again. A word of warning to anyone who plans on doing this, petrol stations are not plentiful on the road, and it’s quite a way down the other side until you reach one. We didn’t have any issues, but not every one was so lucky/planned well enough ahead.

It was also while we travelled through Romania that we perfected our “right hand drive overtaking” technique. Because we had a RHD car, when sitting behind a truck, the driver can see absolutely nothing of the oncoming traffic. Therefore driver must rely on the passenger to say when it’s safe to pass. In the Micra, this meant we could then begin the painfully slow wind-up to reach a suitable overtaking speed and crawl past whatever truck it was that we had our sights on, hoping that nothing started coming the otherway in the meantime.

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